Friday, December 5, 2008

Susan Tuttle's New Fab Book

Have you seen any of Susan Tuttle's work? It is amazing, really...She is a mixed media artist, and she is one of my personal favorites. Anyways she just wrote this brand new book...

You can go and buy it on amazon, and if you are on the fence about it, you really should get it, it's amazing!!!(I have not read it yet, but I am going to and I have read reviews, plus with the artists that are in it, it has to be good) <--Amazon- click to buy and read reviews

Or if you are cheap or broke, Susan is giving one lucky, lucky lady (or man) a copy...but I am counting on this being me since I am in the second catagory mentioned above at the moment...:)

Go to her blog, Ilka's Attic, and enter to win...simple huh??? YOu really need this, you know you do!

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