Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Christmas Shopping

Yeppers, I just went shopping yesterday, all day and all night until after 12am. I had to wait for hubby's bomus check to come, we went to Toys'r'Us first...OMG, it was madness, people everywhere, crammed like sardines in that store. Walmart was a little better but not much, I actually went to two different Walmarts, looking for the Fisher Price Seahorse for my 4 month old. Not that he will have a clue, but it is mommy guit that he have just as much as everyone else, I want them all to have the same amount, so no one can fight over the 2 more toys that he got or she got this...blah. blah. blah....they fight enough already, I want christmas to be peaceful and lovely. But who am I kidding? My family is loud. The kids are obnoxious. And we are late, just to throw soemthing random in... We cannot seem to be on time for anything. It is hard with four kids, under four....Someone is always doing something to hold us up. Maybe that should be one of my goals for 2009?