Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bitsy Bows

My daughters hair is ALWAYS in their faces, I am constantly having to buy hair pretties, so I was happy to stumble upon this giveaway to win a $20 worth of product and free shipping from Bitsy Bows, they have the cutest stuff!

Where is the time going??????

I have had a horrible sinus infection this past week and a half, and had a sinus headache everyday. I get migraines and they are horrible, but the pressure of a sinus headache is unbearable. I am on antibiotics, but i can still feel the pressure in my forehead. OWWW

today was my oldest last day of preschool before Christmas break, they had a breakfast for the two classes, with families. There were 9 of us, including my daughter, there. She made like 10 things, 3 ornaments and multiple wall hangings, and I got a homemade calendar for Christmas from her, it is really beautiful. The teachers had it binded and all that. She is so artistic and creative. She loves anything to do with arts and crafts, she even has her own desk and area in my studio. WHich I still need to relocate, but myabe after the holidays...

So that has been my day so far. OH, it snowed, or iced is more accurate, the ground is all ice, our back deck and porch is a solid sheet of ice, it is really hard to walk down to get to the van. dangerous!

More later.