Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekly Blessing Journal Project for 2009

I have decided to keep a "weekly blessing journal" in 2009. I am going to do this in Microsoft word, this will be new for me, because I have never kept an online journal of any sorts. I don't really count my blog, I am not sure why, I guess to me it isn't so much a journal, but a peek into my world for the public, a place to market myself and my art, to show who I am without delving too deeply into my psyche

I have always kept a journal, actually I cannot remember a time when I did not. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved writing and did it often. Writing of any kind, lists, stories, poems, plans, ect just the act of putting the pen to the paper and producing words was and is very cathartic to me. It feeds my soul. As a matter of fact, writing and publishing a novel is on my bucket list, that is actually something I need to write out. As of now, it is only in my head. I am getting off track though, so I love to write, including writing in a journal. I probably have 10 journals that are not quite filled, about 20 that are, and 10 that are blank, just waiting to be written in. I also have a few different types of journals, of course I have my personal journal. I also have a "house and home" journal, a "creativity" journal, a "food" journal, a "Christmas" journal, "Gratitude" journal (that was one of the unfinished ones) and a few more that I cannot think of right now so this will just be an addition to my countless journals, I suppose this is similar to the gratitude journal that I started and never finished. But it will be different too, the main thing, is that this will all be done on the laptop, which like I already stated. Is a first for me. I guess we will see how it goes. Do any of you keep online journals? This is the Question of the Day, I mean, besides your blogLet me know. Does anyone keep a Blessings journal? We will see how I do with it, I should do fairly well, I only have to write in it once a week and after a few weeks I should be in the habit. Maybe I should write it on my calendar for the same day each week so I don't forget, because that will be the reason why it doesn't get finished is that I forget about it. But I hope that doesn't happen, because I would really like to take all of the entires and make a really beautiful mini book out of them.this seems like a good idea to me. I have a lot of blessings in my life. Four of them are upstairs taking their naps right now.

Happy Holidays!