Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, I took a break from the internet over Christmas, it wasn't intentional, I was just way too busy to do anything but run around like a chicken with my head cut off. LOL...I am hoping everything will slow down and I can get my scrap room moved from upstairs in the UN-insulated attic room, to the basement, where it is much warmer and there are walls, and plugs, lights, and windows (oh my)...I set up my room in Sept. or Oct. but I really haven;t even worked in it, I just brought my stuff down and up when I was done, but that doesn't really work too well unless I am working on something other than a specific thing already in mind, otherwide I need to see everything... So I have the big room in the basement all cleared out. Now i need to sweep, mop and wash windows and then start carrying things down two flights of stairs. Fun. Yeah.
My kids are all gone for the night, off to grams and great grams for sleep overs, well Drew is here, snoozing in the swing while his mom is typing at 4am...yikes, I am gonna cut this short, I have been online ALL night, I just hop from link to link, blog to blog and never even do what ever I got online to do, which was check my email, of over 200 for one day. Most of it is junk. i wish i would stop getting so much, but at least I am not getting the 600 or so spam mails too. I should just get a new address or something, but i have hd it for sooo long. I dont wanna switch.

Off to bed I go, scooping up the lil' one and laying him beside me...hubby passed out hours ago, smart man.
Happy Saturday'

What did you do for your New Year?

Happy New Year