Friday, December 5, 2008

Daily Blog Candies

I really like to win stuff, so far, I have been a LOSER, well I did win this one blog candy but I still haven't gotten it so I don't think I will. Oh well, anyways, I am confident that I will win some blog candy some time, So I will continue to enter them... most of them ask that you link their candy post to your blog, so I do that, no problem, when I post a giveaway I will do the same thing. Speaking of MY candy, I will be doing that VERY SOON, I am still trying to figure out what would be the best thing for it...any ideas...

Well here are some bloggity blog candy giveaways for the sure to go and see what they are and enter to win, and if you do win, remeber, I'm here, the big Loser, pass on the LOVE:)

Merry (almost) Christmas


*They give away a new stamp weekly and they are super cute, so check back with them weekly:)

This one is going to be DAILY until Christmas!

and another


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