Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is so cute

I was on the Martha Stewart website, checking out some ornament ideas, because I have got a new tree, that is way bigger than my old one, so I need some new ornaments and Martha has some way cute ones on there. Anyway, I was looking at these "faux tart ornaments" that look yummy, like little chocolate cakes, I was like " How cute!!!" sO i clicked on the link to the person who makes them and was redirected to this cute blog by this chick named Jenny, she makes these yummy little treats, you can do all sorts of stuff with them, incl. using them as ornaments, I was thinking I would make some and add peppermints and other "christmas'y" types of candy or embelly's. That would be super cute. But before I watched the segment of Jen and Martha making the ornaments, I was looking at the "creations" and was thinking how pretty and yummy they looked, but I did not even realize that they were NOT REAL. they looked so realistic, but then I read on further and watched a clip and O finally got that they were indeed faux tarts! But they still look delicious and I am 99% positive that if I made some that my kids would take a bite out of them.

So, she is giving away three of these babies, that the queen of craft (Martha) actually took home with her. So they have been "blessed" and maybe if you win and touch them the CREATIVITY BLESSING will rub of on you :)

So go here and enter to win, then watch the video and make your own, and then read all her past blog posts, cause this is one super talented chick... Believe me, she got bookmarked in my "Super-Dupe Talented People" Catagory in my Favorites, and that one only has like three people in it, you gotta be real special to win one of those spots, so you should really check it out.

Here is the site

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