Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy time of Year

Gosh, I have not even had time to get online, it seems as if I have been gone everyday, all day the past week or so...and i don;t work so it is not as if I normally spend the whole day away from home. Went and filed our taxes earlier tonite, it was a good year, return wise! I am going to get a Canon Digital Rebel. Does any one have one of those? or a suggestion for a camera you think is better? I have noticed a lot of people have Nikon's also. So I think I may do a little more research before I commit 100%, this will be the most expensive thing i have bought for myself so I want to make sure I do good!
Speaking of doing good, I got a Quikutz REVOLUTION at HL, for $21.00...I was giddy, I am not sure how much they usually are, I think around $100...i am not sure if the price was wrong @ $40, and then I got another 50% off, so I was doing my "I saved money and I am so happy" dance...I also got a few dies, I got a spellbinders and a cuttlebug and sizix die, I have not had a chance to mess with it yet, so I am not sure if they will work or not, but I kept the receipts...I have a cricut but I have never had a manual die cut machine so, well see. I want a SLICE also. I am thinking of getting one, using my 40% HL coupon, I would still pay a little less than $100, but the cartridges that you can buy (for $50) each are so stinking cute:) Making Memories is one of my favorite companies, they are the shit, pardon my lanuage. love em'....

More later, and lots of shopping news next week!

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