Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An inspiring find

As some of you know, I am an avid surfer, a blog surfer that is, I love to link and link and link from blog to blog to blog. And find cool and inspiring and wonderful things, and sometimes I find really fab blogs and sites, that I would have never seen otherwise, tonite I found one of those that go into my Favorites for Life file, I even posted a link on my sidebar, and only ones that I really like go there, all the others go elsewhere...anyways, this lovley lady is doing 29 days of giving, and no it is not the product or whatnot that makes it special, it is the fact that she is willing and able to do it, the reasoning behind it, the fact that she knows when she does one llittle thing, a million other little things could come of it. You just have to read the post to get it, all I know is that I am really inspired by her and it makes me want to give, so I will be doing a giveaway soon :) I want to post to her and see if she wants me to do a giveaway in relation to hers and if so I will, and if not, I will do it here!

So stick around and check back here and there to find out... and please, give freely, your time, your kindness, whatever you have to give...

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